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RAPID-ESP refers to the Energy Saving Pipe system. A pre-insulated pipe system with a focus on saving energy as a result of the consistent optimization of thermal insulation through the polyurethane foam and preparation for integrating trace heating.

When is trace heating required in the process?

The viscosity and properties of media that are transported in pipelines must be optimally tailored to the processing process. This often requires a medium temperature that is above the ambient temperature. The required heat is supplied by trace heating. Together with optimally adapted temperature control, process reliability is guaranteed at all times. Another application of pre-insulated pipes with trace heating is frost protection. The heating is switched on via a frost protection monitor when the temperature falls below the switching point (e.g. +5°C). The heat supplied protects the medium from crystallization and process interruptions in the event of frost. Pre-insulated pipes prepared for the installation of trace heating have round (Ø 10mm) or oval-shaped (18x10mm) stainless steel empty tubes on the pipe surface. Depending on the individual heat requirement and the dimensions of a pipe, different numbers and positions of the trace heating tubes on the medium pipe surface are possible. The decision on this is part of the individual development of the pipe concept. In addition to the contact between the trace heating pipe and the medium pipe, the connection between the two is made using a non-positive thermal adhesive. This increases the heat transfer area and thus supports the heat spread from the heating to the pipe. (Thermal conductivity of the adhesive: 1W/m) Even the finest dosage of the heat supplied and compliance with narrow temperature tolerances for sensitive media can be achieved.

Trace heating systems for pre-insulated pipes

The heat for the medium in the pipe can be generated electrically, with hot water or with a skin effect heating system.

Heating cables and heating tapes have plastic insulation. They are flexible and can be easily inserted into the heat tracing tubes. The shape and size of the trace heating tubes is tailored to the dimensions of the electrical heating cables and strips. Single-core heating cables with plastic insulation and fixed resistance are round and produce constant heat. Self-limiting heating bands are oval and have a semiconductor element instead of a fixed resistance heating conductor. This changes the power output depending on the ambient temperature; as the pipe temperature increases, the heat output continuously reduces. The system is therefore self-limiting. The resistance of the heating cable must be precisely calculated as part of the engineering. Heating outputs of up to approx. 30 W/m per cable are possible, although the heating output reduces significantly as the medium temperature increases. Jabitherm Pipe Systems calculates a heating output of approx. 10W per meter of trace heating pipe, taking safety factors into account. A value that has proven itself in practice.



Hot water as a heat transfer medium is preferred for processes that use the thermal inertia of water. Spontaneous overheating does not occur due to the system. Hot water heating systems are suitable for processes with medium temperatures of up to approx. +80°C. An example of an application here is chocolate and sugar processing. The sophisticated technology is reliable, resistant to aging and, in conjunction with the pre-insulated pipe technology, maintenance-free over the entire operating life of the production systems.

Skin effect heaters are an economical solution for heat tracing long pipe runs. With this technology, a trace heating pipe made of ferromagnetic material is connected to the medium pipe according to the calculated heat requirement. By inserting a plastic-insulated, higher-frequency current-carrying cable, the effect of alternating fields in ferromagnetic materials (=heat) is used. This technology enables the economical realization of long pipeline routes with trace heating and effective temperature control over many kilometers in practice. Disadvantage: Cannot be used with stainless steel

Energy efficiency

As energy costs continue to rise, greater attention is being paid to energy efficiency. The RAPID-ESP system basically has an insulation performance that is around a third better than cables conventionally insulated with mineral wool. This quickly leads to significant savings, particularly with trace-heated pipes. In addition, in contrast to conventional systems, the diffusion-proof jacket means that no moisture can reach the insulation and the insulation performance remains permanently at a high level.

Reduction of construction costs

Using the proven composite system from the RAPID product family also saves a significant amount of time during installation and transport. The combination of medium pipe, highly effective insulating foam and dust- and moisture-proof outer jacket offers optimal handling and thus a system designed for quick and economical assembly. Costs for erecting scaffolding are largely eliminated because only the seams and not the entire area are involved Cable must be insulated. Weather phenomena largely lose their influence on the assembly work. The robust and sturdy construction of the RAPID-ESP system also supports quick and time-saving installation. The RAPID system allows the clamps to be attached to the outer casing. This avoids thermal or cold bridges, the typical weak points in the pipeline.

Advantage through RAPID-ESP

The RAPID-ESP piping system is also characterized by its slim shape. The highly effective insulation allows the insulation thickness to be reduced while increasing the insulating effect. The controlled production ensures consistent quality. See for yourself in comparison.

Rapid System

35 mm

40 mm

50 mm

55 mm

65 mm


50 mm

60 mm

75 mm

80 mm

100 mm


DN 50

DN 100

DN 150

DN 200

DN 300

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