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Energy-optimized use of pre-insulated pipes in plant construction.

Economics in plant engineering

The performance of industrial systems has been the guiding principle in planning and construction for decades. Increasing energy costs are forcing operators of production facilities to save primary energy, but not only the core processes in production alone, but the entire infrastructure are now considered economically viable. Many companies have countless kilometers of pipelines that are the source of costly energy losses in the form of temperature, regardless of whether they are hot or cold.

Polyurethane as an insulating material

By using polyurethane foam as an insulating material, Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG consistently pursues the goal of saving energy when operating the pipeline. In conjunction with a diffusion-tight spiral fold jacket, foam insulation based on plastic offers significant advantages over insulating materials made from mineral fibers.

The remarkable λ value of 0.024-0.027 W/mK of the foam insulation ensures energy savings of up to 30% compared to conventionally insulated pipe systems.


Energy saving potential

The energy saving potential is even clearer at process temperatures above ambient temperature. In addition: Here the pipeline requires additional heat tracing. Electrically in the form of heating cables or heating tapes, but also in the form of hot water systems or skin effect heating. Pre-insulated pipes are optionally equipped with tubes to accommodate the selected heating system. They ensure complete surface contact of the heating system over the entire length of the pipe and the best possible heat transfer. Heat generated passes directly into the medium! The RAPID-ESP-HT system is used here. The system has empty pipes, which are integrated into the existing insulation structure during production.



RAPID-ESP-HT has empty pipes for integrating trace heating.


No cold or heat bridges.

Brackets can be easily mounted on the outer jacket of pre-insulated pipes produced by Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG. The power transmission between the medium pipe and the outer jacket is ensured by the shear strength of the polyurethane foam. Due to the design, cold and thermal bridges do not occur. Another important aspect when considering the energy efficiency of the pipeline.


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