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FIRESAFE®-T90 sets new standards in active system safety. The specially designed system made of insulating foam and defined layers of metal results in significantly improved behavior in the event of a fire. FIRESAFE®-T90 is identical in construction to type FIRESAFE®-T30, but with three layers of thermal insulation with metal separating layers between the layers. Fire protection time: 90 minutes

average temperature increase in the medium pipe after (load: ETK*)

10 min

20 min

30 min

45 min

60 min

75 min

90 min

100 min








*ETK: standard temperature-time curve, according to DIN EN 1363-1, section 5.1.1

Protection of people and systems

The protection of people and industrial facilities is generally the focus of planning work. This is particularly true for environments that must be considered at risk from the outset. The fire represents a special case, because practice proves: It is not the actual source of the fire that causes major damage, but rather the rapid spread of the fire! Industrial companies prevent this by setting up modern firefighting systems. Fires can be fought quickly and effectively if the remaining time allows! In many cases, however, attention must be paid to the pipeline and the medium flowing in it.
The cause of the fire is not the pipeline itself. Likewise, the material of the insulation does not significantly support a fire that develops. However, if the fire can have a destructive effect on the medium pipe, explosions or even the complete loss of the system can result. To avoid this, we designed FIRESAFE®-T90.

Aktive Anlagensicherheit

Die Konstruktion FIRESAFE®-T90 setzt im Punkt Aktive Anlagensicherheit neue Maßstäbe. Durch das speziell ausgelegte System aus Isolierschaum und definierten Schichten aus Metall entsteht ein deutlich verbessertes Verhalten im Brandfall.
Das System von FIRESAFE®-T90 basiert auf dem Verkokungseffekt von PUR Schaum. So bildet sich im Brandfall eine Schutzschicht ähnlich dem Verhalten von Baumstümpfen bei Waldbränden. Diese Schutzschicht hält die hohe Temperatur für eine sehr lange Zeit fern und sorgt dadurch für mehr Sicherheit für Ihr Medium.

Tests in unabhängigen Fachinstituten führen zu beeindruckenden Ergebnissen. Durch die geeignete Kombination von unterschiedlichen Schäumen lassen sich garantierte Standzeiten (Standzeit: Zeit bis die Temperatur am Mediumrohr 450° erreicht) für das Mediumrohr von bis zu 90 Minuten erreichen! Und damit noch mehr Zeit für eine wirkungsvolle und aktive Brandbekämpfung bei größtmöglichem Schutz der Anlagen und der Umgebung.

Reduction in setup costs

The use of our proven composite system such as: FIRESAFE®-T90 also saves a significant amount of time during installation and transport. The combination of medium pipe, highly effective insulating foam and dust- and moisture-proof outer jacket offers optimal handling and thus a system designed for quick and economical assembly. Costs for erecting scaffolding are largely eliminated because only the seams and not the entire area are involved Cable must be insulated. Weather phenomena largely lose their influence on the assembly work. The robust and sturdy construction of the FIRESAFE®-T90 also supports quick and time-saving installation. FIRESAFE®-T90 allows the clamps to be attached to the outer casing. This avoids thermal or cold bridges, the typical weak points in the pipeline.

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