Refrigeration Industry

Below a selection of examples of the use of pre-insulated pipes in the field of refrigeration industry.

Cold storage house at Raunheim, Germany

A german food retailer operates a large centralised cooling warehouse in Raunheim close to Frankfurt/Main. More than 10,000 m of pre-insulated pipes provided by Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG ensure here since 2011 ideal process conditions. For transfer of media like CO2, NH3, brine and temperatures between -35°C and +50 °C are substantially essential.
This demand is completely covered by pipe system RAPID-COOL, installed at nominal diameters between DN 15 bis DN 300.

Brewery in Bavaria, Germany

Different versions of pre-insulated pipes, designed and manufactured by Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG, got implemented in a construction project of a famous bavarian brewery in 2015. Together with process lines the instal-lation comprised pipes carrying liquid carbon dioxide at an operation temperature of -40°C. The Choice fell on the system RAPID-COOL and pipe size DN 32. 
The force-fit composite system of diffusion-tight jacket and polyurethane foam insulation facilitates the assembly of pipe supports on the outer jacket. Avoiding any thermal bridge and ice formation. The major aspect while considering operation costs.
Pre-insulated pipe system RAPID-COOL is designed specifically for this application and offers benefits compared to conventional pipe insulation technique. Decisive arguments for an implementation of pipe system RAPID-COOL in this project were longivity of pipe and minimised installation time, supporting the wish for quick realisation.

Soft drink producer, Canada

A Canadian producer of soft drinks raised in 2016 a new production facility. The pipelines inside the site are utilised beside the transfer of fresh water primarily for pipe connections as part of refrigeration systems.
This requires a design according to needs and conditions of cold media. 


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