Food & Beverages Industry

Below a selection of examples of the use of pre-insulated pipes in the field of food and beverages.

Paulaner Brewery/Munich

Paulaner founded in Munich a brewery with a production capacity of 3.5 million hectoliters of beer. The new brewing facility succeded in following the classical Munich brewing tradition combined with the latest, modern environment friendly production technique. During facility conception, the focus lay on achieving maximum environment standards. The brewery passed the EMAS III certification, the highest classification within the EU. Pre-insulated pipes suited exactly into the energy optimized concept, running inside and outside buildings for medium carriage.
A first modification of pipe design facilitated an easy integration of trace heating, a precondition for site in Munich.
Second generated the pre-insulated pipes to match fire protection requirements by using different insulation foam components.
FIRESAFE® the name of this product, impedes spreading of fire longitudinally around the pipe.
More time for the fire service to minimize fire escalation. At Langwied approximately 30 km of pipes DN 20-DN 350 are installed.

Confectionary producer/Stadtallendorf

Several projects with pre-insulated pipes have been successfully installed at a con-factionary producer Stadtallendorf/Heese. In 2013 another decision needed to be made about the choice for the technology of a pipeline transferring cooling water. A design length of 1000 meters with nominal pipe sizes of DN250 und DN300 at site arrived on our doorstep for design and installation. Long-term excellent experience of this manufacturer with pre-insulated pipes from Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG justify more than 20,000 meters installed pipes at site. The decision was made on the implementation of pre-insulated pipes product series RAPID-ESP.
Based on feedback from the operator, the decision for this type of pipe system was made because of the rugged construction, time-saving installation procedure and a minimized maintenance effort during long term operation.

Heineken Brewery/South Africa

In early 2009 Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG commenced the delivery of 25.000 m pre-insulated pipes for the Heineken brewery in South Africa. Several product and cooling lines were installed with diameters between 20 and 300 mm. The systems RAPID-ESP and RAPID-COOL were implemented.
Ongoing needs for site expansion lead to an overall installed pipe length of almost 40.000 m. Heineken has adopted this piping concept in the meantime for a number of other brewing facilities.


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