Cryogenic applications

Below a selection of examples of the use of pre-insulated pipes in the field of cryogenic applications.

LNG terminal in Tornio, Finnland

In 2016 and 2017 Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG delivered more than 10 km of pre-insulated pipes for the construction of a completely new LNG terminal at Tornio/Finland. With a total investment of 120 million € it represents one of the largest LNG-projects in the Scandinavian region. Implemented in this installation are nominal pipe widths between DN 450 und DN 25.
The design of RAPID-CRYO is especially dedicated for operation at extreme frostiness down to -195°C [-319°F]. FIRESAFE® warrants in case of implementation in hazar- dous ambient and inflammable atmosphere increased safety level and protection according to classifications T30, T60 and T90. A special pipe design with double- or triple-insulation layer construction guarantees a high grade of fire protection up to 90 minutes. The fire-protective properties combined with the extreme resistance at cryogen temperatures had been decisive arguments for adaption of products in this LNG-project.
Pipelines inside the industrial complex transfer either industrial and fresh water or connect LNG unloading facilities with LNG storage tanks. These pipes are designed to carry liquefied natural gas at a temperature of -164°C [-263,2°F]. Liquidity of gases can only be kept when temperature value is held with minimal tolerances.
Central task of thermal insulation is the protection of gas containing medium pipe against influences (heat) from ambient. Pre-insulated pipes of product series RAPID-CRYO and FIRESAFE® are installed among others on pipe bridges.

IInternational operating customer active in gas industry, Bitterfeld Germany

Pre-insulated pipes with a nominal diameter of DN 40 have been manufactured by Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG in 2014 for operation at sites carrying liquid nitrogen at process temperatures of -196°C. For those extreme conditions the choice fell on the pipe system RAPID CRYO, especially designed to fulfill these requirements. 
Configured with diffusion-tight, three-layer jacketing system and insulation thickness exceeding 115 mm, the system assures safe and long-term reliable operation.

INEOS B.V. Industrial Park Antwerp, ethylene pipeline

In 2011, Jabitherm delivered 2,000 m of pre-insulated pipes with nominal diameters of between 80 and 400mm for a jettyline transferring liquid ethylene for INEOS B.V. The pipeline connects the harbour and their plant in Antwerp.
The solution for these requirements was a double layer pipe system of the product series Type FIRESAFE-T60, equipped with fire protection foam insulation and a spiraled inside fold jacket fulfilling all requirements. The pipe bridge was split into several modules. Pre-insulated pipes were installed on the pipe bridge in complete segments. The pipe bridge modules were lifted onto bridge supports after completion and pipes and service lines connected.This was a specialised but nonetheless economic way of realising a process line resulting from the use of pre-fabricated pre-insulated pipes. This is the decisive advantage of using Jabitherm systems.
The pipeline crosses over public land. This meant high standards for enviromental protection and fire prevention had to be met. The pre-insulated pipe had to have the capability to withstand fire for over 60 minutes. Liquid ethylene operates at -105°C. This low temperature means a large difference to the ambient air temperature.  Therefore the pre-insulated pipe design had to guarantee an absolute diffusion resistance.


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