Pre-insulated pipesystems

Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG manufactures pre-insulated pipe systems for applications above ground. Completely different logistical and technical requirements need to be fulfilled. The influence of weather (wind, rain, sun, etc.) or method of installation and maintenance must always be taken into account. 


a= jacket 
stainless steel
b= insulation layer
polyurethane foam system
- fireretardant
- standard
c= carrier pip
steel/stainless steel
customer specification


The concept of pre-insulated pipes of Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG is based on a common practice and assembly:

medium pipe – thermal insulation foam – outer jacket.

The characteristic of Polyurethane insulation foam (PUR) fits perfectly into the concept of pre-insulated pipes:

PUR has a very high adhesive power to bond surfaces together.

A bonded pipe system is created. The system performance is superior to conventionally insulated pipes, because the carrier pipe encased by the insulation foam in a metal jacket acts as one strong unit better able to resist external forces. So sliding supports can be mounted on the outside jacket which is not possible if traditional insulation is specified
The wide range of metal alloys available for the medium pipe means performance can be perfectly matched to site requirements. Combined with the options of standard or fireresistant polyurethane foam insulation, a wide range of site conditions can be covered. The range of sheet metals available for the metal jacket enables design engineers to specify mechanical and corrosion resistance for any environment.


In consequence, Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG can change the sheathing from PE to a spiral-fold sheet metal jacket, using different materials. Our systems are always in full accordance with the application and customer specifications, and focus on the development of specialized insulation systems. Our focus is on steady improvement of quality, reliability, total cost of ownership and a high safety level for installation and adherent surrounding.


Pre-insulated pipes are generally designed to prevent the medium from deviation of set. The roots for development of this type of product can be found in district heating pipes. Their central function is the transport of heat over long distance runs. The main advantage of pre-insulated pipes: They always arrive completely insulated at place of installation. Medium pipe, thermal insulation and outer Jacket require just connecting to install a complete pipeline. A big advantage: The insulation effect is controlled and is guaranteed constant in contrast to the inferior type of pipe insulation done by hand.


In the case of heat tracing for e.g. frost protection or temperature maintenance, RAPID- and FIRESAFE® pipe systems can be prepared for integration of heating cables, heating tapes or warm water systems. Pipe sections are delivered generally in 6 or 12 m lengths, complete with all components to perform as a part of the pipeline system. Bare pipe ends are prepared factory-side for a fast and easy connection to existing pipes. As a consequence of the high impact resistance of the rigid foam, supports and clamps can easily be installed on the outer jacket. This prevents thermal bridges building between the support and the inner medium pipe.


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