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For more than 20 years Jabitherm pipe systems are used for different applications of the chemical and petrochemical industry with their typically long networks of pipes. Since several years they are increasingly used in the food and beverage industry as well, as for instance for product and energy piping within breweries and dairy companies.


Have a look at a few of our projects to get a first impression:

Heineken Brewery, South Africa

At the beginning of 2009 Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG started the delivery of 15.000 m pre-insulated pipes for the Heineken brewery in South Africa. Several product and cooling lines were installed in diameter of 20 mm to 300 mm. Implemented were the systems RAPID-ESP and RAPID-COOL.

Ongoing needs for site expansion leads to an overall installed pipe length of almost 40.000 m.

Sonatrach / Thyssen Krupp, Fertilizer plant Sorfert, Algeria

2009 Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG delivered 9000 m pre-insulated pipes in nominal width of 250 mm to 350 mm to a Jettyline at the site Sorfert. The media temperature of the NH³ was -33 °C and needed a special insulation system for cooling lines – solution: RAPID-COOL.

Ongoing requests (also in other diameters) for the expansion of the site leads to an overall installed pipe length of 12.000 m.

Industrial park Höchst / Infraserv, Urea line, Germany

2002 Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG delivered 3.000 m pre-insulated pipe system for the urea line at the industrial park Höchst. The RAPID-ESP-lines were equipped with an electrical heating system for temperatures between 20 °C and 90 °C. The sheathing made of alu-Zinc protects against external mechanical impacts.

Industrial park Antwerpen, INEOS / TGE, Ethyleneline, Belgium

At the end of 2011 Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG delivered 2.000 m pre-insulated pipe system for the building of a liquid Jetty-Ethyleneline for the site in Antwerpen. Due to the high requirements of the extreme media temperature of -105°C and the required fire protection there was only one possible system what can be used : the double sheathing system, type FIRESAFE-T60.

REWE warehouse Raunheim, Germany

At the REWE warehouse in Raunheim 10.000 m pre-insulated pipes were produced and installed by Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG. Since 2011 these lines ensure optimal process conditions for the processing of medias CO2, NH³ + Brine, which need temperatures between -35°C to +50 °C. These demands are successfully fulfilled by the system RAPID-COOL in nominal widths of 15 mm to 300 mm.