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Jabitherm Rapid

Jabitherm RAPID system is based on fast and simple handling at industrial applications. The main advantages are the minimized work after installation of the pipe and the opportunity of the employment of clamps directly onto the outer jacket.

Due to the pre-installed insulation one will have a consistently optimized insulation and the work of pipe installation will be reduced dramatically. Only the joints have to be insulated. This enables the fast and simple change even at separate pipelines.

Furthermore the insulation is distinguished by the excellent efficiency of insulation function of the PU-foam.This efficiency is about 30% better than conventional insulation material, e.g. mineral wool. Often it is possible to reduce the diameter of the pipe due to this fact. This enforces the handling in less motion clearance areas, e.g. pipe bridges.

The specific characteristics of RAPID pipe system enables the employment of clamps directly onto the outer jacket which avoids heat transfer bridges between pipe and fixing, one typical weak point of a pipe line.
This heat transfer, generally given by clamps tighten at the medium pipe, leads to significant heat losses at the medium. This can change the whole medium temperature. At products which viscosity is addicted by temperature this can create serious problems.