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Jabitherm Firesafe

Firesafe is a combination of pipe and up to three(!) thermal insulation layers. Each separated by a layer of metallic sheathing from the following.
This construction with special polyurethane foam increases the effect of the insulation and fire protection dramatically.

The system is based on the coking process of PU-foam. Fire penetrated foam creates a protective and stable layer, similar to the behaviour of tree stumps on forest fires. The layer has the ability to absorb heat over a long time. Thereby stretches the rise time for the medium temperature inside the pipe and increases level of safety.

Significant advantage of Firesafe:
The high temperatures of the fire reach the pipe and the medium with large delay! The product is safe for a long time.
To increase the temperature inside the medium pipe by 50°C it takes more than 60 minutes at FIRESAFE-T90.
The pipe insulation material withstands fire much longer than this time period! Thereby it is possible to withstand 90 minutes in case of fire!

Product series FIRESAFE:

Pipe system of PU-foam, special fire protection additives and single sheathing.
Holding time : minimum 30 minutes.

Pipe system with a combination of different PU-foam and a double sheathing.
Holding time : minimum 60 minutes.

Pipe system with a combination of different PU-foam and a triple sheathing.
Holding time : minimum 90 minutes.