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Jabitherm – your experts for pre-insulated piping

pre-insulated piping with or without electrical heating

Pre-insulated pipes for chemical industry - food industry - cold industry - pipelines

Transporting liquid or gaseous fluids for cold and hot temperatures has highest requirements for quality, workmanship, safety and durability of your pipe systems.

Conventional solutions, partly being produced under bad conditions, do not always meet these conditions. The solution are pre-insulated pipes, produced in a strict controlled area.

Pre-insulated pipes have several advantages in comparison to the standard:

  • supports at the outer casing - no corrosion, no loss of heating
  • walk-over insulation - long lifetime
  • minimal insulation work in situ - reduced time for installation
  • low value for Lambda - less loss of heating
  • diffusion-resistant insulation - no cold bridges
  • lower costs for scaffolding
  • minimal costs of maintenance
  • more safety through lowering the rate of errors

Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG has been producing pre-insulated pipes for the chemical industry, petro-chemical industry, food industry and cold industry for 25 years.
The outer sheating is a spiral-fold-duct with inside lockseam made of aluminium, aluminium-zinc or stainless steel. Additionally a heating-system can be integrated.
Pre-insulated pipes are designed exactly according to customer specifications for service pipe and outer sheating. Furthermore we can offer a well-trained and experienced team for all insulation work in situ.

Continuous monitoring of all  materials, the use of optimized manufacturing processes and a certified quality assurance system according to ISO 9001: 2008, grant our products to meet even the highest quality specifications.